PowerApps: Dataverse Global Choice vs Local Choice Field

We have many data types available in Dataverse.  One of the Data types is Choice. This blog will discuss the global choice vs. Local choice field when using PowerApps.

Global vs. Local

  • Yes means Global Choice, which can be used in multiple tables. It will be updated or referenced if you update one place.
  • No means Local Choice, which can be used in one table. 

The behavior is slightly different when using power apps, depending upon if you set ‘Sync with global choice’ to Yes or No.

Choice Field Setup

Local Choice

Global Choice

Items Property

Local Choice Field

Choices(‘Data Verse Choice Column Name (Table Plural Name)’)

Client Type Local – Choice Field Name

Accounts – Data Verse Table Name in Plural

Global Choice Field

Choices(Global Choice Name)


Where to Find Global Choice Field

  • Go to the Environment
  • Click Choices
  • Select the Choice Field

Get or Retrieve Value (Both Same)


Compare (Syntax with Example)

Compare the selected value with the Choice field

Local Choice Field

ComboBoxName.Selected.Value = ‘Local Choice Field Name(Table Plural Name)’.CompareValue

Global Choice Field

ComboBoxName.Selected.Value = ‘Global Choice Field Name’.CompareValue

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