Retrieve MS Team Meeting Attendance Info using Graph API

This blog explores how to retrieve MS Team Meetings Info and Attendance using Microsoft Graph API.


We had a client requirement to send Follow up emails to those who attended the training through Team Meetings and Schedule another training that could not participate in.

This post will walk through the Graph API and, in the next post, how to use it using Power Automate.

Graph Explorer

To get MS team meeting information or Meeting Attendance, we have to use Microsoft Graph. Here is the generic URL

We need privileged access to the Graph API to get MS Team Meeting info. For that, Create a service account with these permissions.

1. Create a Service Account with API Permission

  • Go to
  • Click “Azure Active Directory”
  • Click “App Registrations”
  • Click “New Registration”
  • Assign Graph API Permissions
    • OnlineMeetingArtifact.Read.All
    • OnlineMeetingArtifact.Read
    • OnlineMeetingArtifact.ReadWrite


2. Get the MS Team Meeting ID (*Very important *)

URL to access OnlineMeeting info using the Graph API is Meeting ID

Copy the MS team Meeting URL like


  • URL will like

  • Decode the URL, will get like{“Tid”:”366954bc-9490-4882-b65a-48ab1a94e29c”,”Oid”:”5b7dc572-b305-4054-8db3-fad82ee9ca56″}

At this Meeting ID is 


  • Microsoft Graph cannot use the above Meeting ID directly. It expects the following ID format

1*{Organizer Id called Oid}*0**{Meeting id converted to base64 string}

  • Organizer id is

Oid: 5b7dc572-b305-4054-8db3-fad82ee9ca56

  • Formatted string together, you get

1*5b7dc572-b305-4054-8db3-fad82ee9ca56*0**19:meeting_NWZmZTQ0NTMtMGEwNy00OWU1LWJiN2ItNzRk MWFiYjdhMmVk@thread.v2

  • Convert the above string to Encode Base64 string


3. Access Meeting Info using Graph API

    • Get Meeting Info Meeting ID



  • Get Attendance Reports Meeting ID/attendanceReports

Sample MSo1YjdkYzU3Mi1iMzA1LTQwNTQtOGRiMy1mYWQ4MmVlOWNhNTYqM CoqMTk6bWVldGluZ19OV1ptWlRRME5UTXRNR0V3TnkwME9XVTFMV0ppT jJJdE56UmtNV0ZpWWpkaE1tVmtAdGhyZWFkLnYy /attendanceReports

  • Get Attendance Specific Report Meeting ID/attendanceReports/Report Id?$expand=attendanceRecords

Sample /MSo1YjdkYzU3Mi1iMzA1LTQwNTQtOGRiMy1mYWQ4MmVlOWNhNTYqMCoq MTk6bWVldGluZ19OV1ptWlRRME5UTXRNR0V3TnkwME9XVTFMV0ppTjJJdE56UmtNV0ZpWWpkaE1tVmtAdGhyZWFkLnYy /attendanceReports/ff15cbf7-2ffe-4cf0-9547-e8e52d5a04f6?$expand=attendanceRecords

The next post will discuss using these Graph APIs in Power Automate to Send emails.

Reposting…Thanks for Reading!


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