PowerApps – Display Year and Month from the SharePoint Data

This blog will discuss how to display distinct Years and Months from the SharePoint data.


Assume you have SharePoint Data with a Date field like Created or Modified or Some other Date field. In Power apps, you want to display the Years and months based on Year selection.

SharePoint Data

Display Years

  • Insert the Dropdown and name it “YearSelection”
  • Set the Items property of the Year to



Display Months

  • Insert the Dropdown and name it “MonthSelection”
  • When we use the formula to filter the month, we will get a delegation warning like below, and will not work.


  • In SharePoint, Create another field called “StatusYearNumber”
  • Make sure to create a Number field But not Calculated
  • Set the Year (this new field) whenever Date field is updated

Note: Don’t use calculated column to strip Year. Still we receive delegation issue

  • Set the items property of the MonthSelection dropdown to

StatusYearNumber = YearSelection.Selected.Value


To display the Year and Months, we need to create a new field to store the Year to filter it out.

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