Integration Tools Analysis (Part 2)

We have lots of integration tools available within Microsoft itself and other providers. Sometimes we may come across the situation of the client already using mulesoft as middleware for other CRM applications and integration.

In this scenario, we have to provide all the available integration tools capabilities and also fit-gap analysis that specific to the requirement. We are going to review some tool’s capabilities and the cost evaluation. We will be looking tool’s capabilities in terms of Dynamics 365.

Part 2 of 2

Azure Data Factory with Integration Runtime (IR)


  • Different types of activities can be handled (Run HTTP task, Exe SSIS package, Copy data to blob)
  • Good integration platform for hybrid integration projects
  • Credentials stored in Azure Key Vault. This means credentials are not exposed or shared
  • Supports to run SSIS package from cloud
  • Good for batch processing
  • Has more than 90 connectors  (Salesforce, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Oracle, DB2, SAP, NoSQL)
  • Supports to connect On-Prem application/System through self-hosted IR (Data Gateway)
  • High availability platform


  • In order to access on-prem data sources, the data factory requires a Self-Hosted IR
  • Bit expensive compared on-prem solution when runs more often

Cost Evaluation

  • Data Factory Integration Runtime
  • Cost various from 500-10k
  • SQL Server to host SSIS Kingsway soft (per month license)
Logic Apps


  • It has lots of connectors for enterprise applications
  • A good tool for Advanced Integration
  • Feasible up to 100k/day transaction
  • Easy to maintain. No citizen developer skill required
  • A growing list of standard and enterprise connectors
  • XML processing capabilities
  • Connects B2B/EDI
  • Connectors support AS2, X12, EDIFACT, and RosettaNet protocols


  • Cost variance (Real-time integration may cost more based on trigger interval because of polling)

Cost Evaluation

  • Has large variance on cost.  Cost varies from $100/month to $20k/month
  • Cost based on Trigger, Actions, Connector, Retry and Data retention and Storage
  • Example
    1. Data Exists Scenario
      • Retrieve 10 records on each poll
      • Has 5 actions
      • Runs every 5 minutes
      • Calculation
        • Actions : 10 * 512 * 24 = 14,688 /day
        • Standard Connector : ~ 10 * 3 * 12 * 24 = 8,640 /day
    2. No Records Scenario
      • Example flow runs every 5 minutes
      • Actions : 1 * 12 * 24 = 8640 execution/day
      • Connector : 1 * 12 * 24 = 8640 execution/day
      • Any integration that runs every 2 seconds may cost $200/month even no data
    3. Data retention: $0.12 GB/month
    4. Pricing Details
      1. Actions $0.000025
      2. Standard Connector $0.000125
      3. Enterprise Connector $0.001

Pricing Calculator:

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