Add Users to Your Trial in Office 365

Add users to your Office 365

  1. Launch an Incognito (Chrome) or InPrivate (Internet Explorer) browsing session
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with your user name and password (that we created on our previous blog)
  4. Click “Admin” on the left Navigation. Below screen should display
  5. Set up basic information for User 1 and  click  “Next”
  6. Assign Product Licenses
    • We have 25 user license for trail instance
    • Select “Location”
    • Click “Assign user a product license”
    • And assign permission/license for each app 
    • Assign App Permissions/Licenses
  7. Optional Settings
    • Assign Role as User or Admin
    • Assign specific role if admin
  8. Enter Profile Information
  9. Review and Finish
  10. User should be added and we can save these settings as template
    • Click “Close”
  11. Add multiple users using these same steps
  12. Add users to the specific environment

  13. Go to
  14. Select the environment
  15. Go to Settings
  16. Click “Users + Permission”
  17. Click “Users”
  18. Click “Add user”
  19. Search the user and click “Add”
  20. We should receive a message like
  21. Assign Security role to the user in Dynamics 365

  22. Click “Go to Dynamics 365” or go to the specific environment using url
  23. Should be redirected to appropriate user
    • Go to Settings > Security > User > Select User
  24. Click “Manage Roles”
  25. Assign specific roles and  “OK”
  26. New user should be able to use Dynamics 365 CE successfully.

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