Display Multi-Select Person or Group in PowerApps.

Recently I was responding to the PowerApps forum and see the requirement and decided to write a blog about it. So what is that?


Display Person names in a combo box. The source is Share Point and Multi-select person or group field. The requirement is to maintain the Person or Group Type which to keep all properties like (DisplayName, Email, Department, Claims, and Job Title).


Expected Output (Combo Box)

Display Distinct Person from this MultiPeople column from Sharepoint

Person column is always unique and Multi-Select involves more challenge with it. Initially, I thought just to ungroup it but Distinct and Sort won’t work until we do some tricks.

Combo Box

Set the items property of the Combo Box to 

With({Items: Ungroup(ForAll(SPList,MultiplePeopleColumn),”Value”),



We are able to display the Person or group in the combo box using With function and maintain the Person Type. 

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