Fit-gap Analysis for Integration Tool

What is a fit-gap analysis when selecting tools?

This determines where the gaps in tool capabilities. This is the process to identify the right tool that fits specific sets of requirements.

Do we have a standard process?

There is no standard process for doing fit-gap analysis. There are different types of processes to analyze it. Nothing is correct or wrong.


We came across the same scenario with different clients when selecting the integration tools. In this scenario, we have to do a fit-gap analysis for the tools that we are looking for. This is all based on the business requirements. See the below example

In this example, we have a set of integration requirements and it’s based on category. Our process to identify the right tool that fits most of the requirements.


Category: This divided into Business and/or Technical

Workaround: In some cases, we may not have one tool that satisfies all the requirements. In that case, we have to identify the workaround or another solution for that specific requirement.


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