Introduction to AI Model

What is AI Model?

AI models that are designed to optimize or automate our business processes. AI builder is a tool to build AI models.

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence or AI, Machine learning, and deep learning are different techniques to analyze the data.

AI technique uses logic, if-then rules, or decision trees

Machine Learning – This technique enables machines to improve at tasks with experience
Supervised – Task Driven or Follow the instructions
Unsupervised – Data-Driven or Learn from Data
Reinforcement – Learn from errors or Learn from Experience
Deep Learning
This technique allows to train itself to perform some tasks. Example Image, Video, and Voice Analysis

Flow/Process The Process is to send input to the model and we get output in some form based on the model.

Build We have to follow the below few steps to build AI Model

Types We have 5 types of AI models available. We will discuss this on another blog

  1. Form Processing – Extract text from any matching form
  2. Object Detection – Count, Locate, and Identify objects on any Image
  3. Entity Extraction – Specific data from the text
  4. Category Classification – Classify the text into categories
  5. Prediction – Predict future outcomes

YouTube Video Find the video below for detailed explanation.

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