Display Success Message and redirect automatically using Timer

This blog will discuss how to display a success message without navigating to another screen and redirect the navigation with delay using Timer control.

Business Requirement

We had a requirement to display a success message once data are saved, and the screen should navigate to the display screen automatically. Also, the user can navigate to other screens if needed.


    • Add a Timer to the screen and set the properties
    • Set Screen Property
    • Set Action on Save Button
    • Create Success Message Layout

Variable(s) is an important part for this use case 

Timer Control in Action

  •  Display custom message
  • Screen display the message for 5 seconds

Add a Timer to the screen

This timer helps to stay on the same screen while displaying the success message. Here are the few properties that need to be set.

  • Add the Timer control to the screen
  • Set Timer Properties
    • Name: TimerEditWB
    • Duration in milliseconds – For example, 5000 means 5 secs
    • OnTimerEnd : Navigate(DisplayList);Set(StartTimer,false); Reset(TimerEditWB)
      • Navigate to another screen
      • Reset the variable to stop the timer
      • Reset the timer
    • Start: StartTimer (Variable)

Screen Property

Set the screen on the visible property for variable initialization

Save Button

Set a few variables on click of the save button like the Submit form, Start Timer, and Display Success screen.

Create Success Message Layout

  1. Rectangle – Background
  2. Label – Display Success Message
  3. Button – Navigate to “Power BI” (Additional functionality)

Thanks for reading this blog. Enjoy learning! 


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