Display Success Message and redirect automatically using Timer

In this blog, will discuss how to display success message without navigating to another screen and redirect the navigation with delay using Timer control.

Business Requirement

We had a requirement to display success message once data are saved and the screen should navigate to display screen automatically. And also, the option to user to navigate to other screen if needed.


    • Add Timer to the screen and set the properties
    • Set Screen Property
    • Set Action on Save Button
    • Create Success Message Layout

Variable(s) is an important part for this use case 

Timer Control in Action

  •  Display custom message
  • Screen display the message for 5 seconds

Add Timer to the screen

This timer helps to stay on the same screen while displaying the success message. Here are the few properties that need to be set.

  • Add the Timer control to the screen
  • Set Timer Properties
    • Name : TimerEditWB
    • Duration in milliseconds – For example, 5000 means 5 secs
    • OnTimerEnd : Navigate(DisplayList);Set(StartTimer,false); Reset(TimerEditWB)
      • Navigate to another screen
      • Reset the variable to stop the timer
      • Reset the timer
    • Start : StartTimer (Variable)

Screen Property

Set the screen on visible property for variable initialization

Save Button

Set few variable onclick of save button like Submit form, Start Timer, Display Success screen

Create Success Message Layout

  1. Rectangle – Background
  2. Label – Display Success Message
  3. Button – Navigate to “Power BI” (Additional functionality)

Thanks for reading this blog. Enjoy learning! 

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