Populate a Combobox Person field with a filtered list of people

Recently, one user posted a question on the PowerApps community forum to get an answer. When I was reading the subject and content then thought that was an easy solution until I tried to reproduce it.

User Question

How can I populate a Person’s Combobox field linked to a column in SP list “A” exclusively with a filtered list of people from list “B” and still allow that Combobox to remain full person schema? (can extract email, picture, etc) ??

SP List Structure

User Requirement

Filter POC_Person when Role = “Assistant” and IsActive = True

I thought this is a simple filter and started to reproduce and came to know this is not straightforward.

Common Mistake  or Assumption

Most of them including me to start to filter like below

Filter(_item,Role.Value = “Assistant” && IsActive).POC_Person

Filter(Choices([@POCs].POC_Person),Email in (Filter(…..))



We need to loop through the filter and collect the Person field. So we can’t directly do this filter on the Items property of Combobox. 

  • Set OnVisible property of the screen to

  • Set Items Property of Combobox to

  • Set the ComboBox Layout to Person




We are able to filter the Person field with Person layout so that we can extract user properties like Displayname, Email, and JobTitle

ForAll(With({_Item: [@POCs]},
Filter(_Item, Role.Value = “Assistant” && IsActive)),


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