Difference between Canvas App vs Model-Driven App vs Power Pages

I had a few scenarios (Internally and Client) to explain the difference between these different apps. I was discussing with the client and decided to best explain the differences between these apps.

Different Types of Apps

  1. Canvas App is a low-code platform for building rich business applications.
  2. Model-driven app design is an approach that focuses on adding components such as forms, views, charts, and dashboards to tables using an app designer tool.
  3. Power Pages is low code / Pro Code software as a service (SaaS) platform for creating, hosting, and administering modern external-facing business websites. We can say an advanced version of Power Portal (Previous Version)

The below table shows the differences and similarities between the apps.

Sample Pages

  • Canvas App

  • Model-Drive App

  • Power Pages


  • Overall, I can say enterprise applications for internal users should be model-driven. We can customize using Javascript and c# code. And even we can create PCF controls for custom UI. And also, we can expose the Canvas app within Model Driven App.
  • We have a few scenarios where we build our PCF component with custom UI and Custom functionality.
  • Dataverse gives row-level and field-level security model
  • User experience between the apps like Sales, Customer Service, and Custom is consistent when using of model-driven app.


  1. Great article! Understanding the differences between Canvas Apps, Model-Driven Apps, and Power Pages is essential for making informed decisions when building solutions with the Power Platform. The comparison of the features, capabilities, and use cases of each type of app is well-explained and helpful in determining the best fit for specific requirements. I appreciate the insights on when to use each type of app and the explanation of their strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

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