Multiple Optional Filter for PowerApps Data Table

I came across a requirement to have multiple optional filters in the data table. I know we have done a lot of filters in the Gallery or Data table in PowerApps but this one was a bit challenging.

Optional Filter View


As we know flow chart always helps to understand better and easier.  Here are the keep concepts for this logic

  • Loop through each selection to filter data
  • Once the first filter is applied, then use filtered data as a source instead of the main data source
  • Set the flag whether the filter is applied or not, so that we can define the data source to assign to the data table  

 Data Table Items = If(FilteredApplied, ColFilteredData, DimCustomer)

Code Explanation

Screen OnVisible Property

  1. Create a simple collection that has numbers (Table) that are used to do the iteration. This also defines the max number of filters per control
  2. //Simple table – Will be used to get specific value from dropdown
    ClearCollect(IterationTable,[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25]);Code for the Filter button event

Filter button OnSelect Property

  1. Initialize and collect data from source
  2. Get each filter count (Combobox Selectection Count)
  3. Filter 1 – Martial Status
  4. Define which one is a data source for the next filter
    1. Main Data (or)
    2. Filtered Data
  5. Filter 2 – Gender
  6. Filter 3 – Same steps as a filter 2 (Goes until N filters)

Fx Code for Filter Command




NOTE: My data source is an On-premises SQL server and retrieving more than 2000 by combining multiple requests with concurrent.

Refer my other blog which explains to connect on-premises data

One comment

  1. Hi, I have followed this to a T & cannot get the filter to function correctly. In this bit of code here, are you referencing a table column or the data source in the equals section?
    BusinessUnitStatusCount > 0,
    UpdateContext({FilteredApplied: true});
    ‘Follow-Up Priority_Column2’.Text = Last(

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